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The man was 745 days without drugs. The wearer of the network called him very attractive.

Changed after the rejection of drugs the guy was a star network. Screenshots of his Twitter post published by the wearer Reddit Not-irene.

The footage the guy captured in the period when he used drugs, and after their failure. Specified in the post that the youngster did not consume drugs for 745 days.

The author of the post noted that he looked as if already dead. Now he finally feels alive.

In the picture after the rejection of drugs the guy has visibly gained weight, his skin became healthy, and he was rejuvenated. The post just a few hours gained almost 100 thousand likes. Users noted tremendous changes and wrote he was proud of the will power and hard effort guy.

This guy who turned his life around after quitting drugs! (@justalotofpain on twitter) from r/nextfuckinglevel

In addition, many of the wearer called the young man a very attractive and joked that he almost fell in love with him for photos. The hero himself also wrote in the comments to the post. He thanked for the nice words and support, but also said that did not expect such popularity.

Earlier it was reported that the former drug addict was surprised by the network of incredible transformation. Also the Correspondent wrote that the man bought at auction a car full of cocaine.

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