“Nord stream-2” will Germany stop paying for the transit of gas through Ukraine and Poland. Therefore, to abandon the launch of the pipeline is not profitable for them. The United States opposes the pipeline because it would deprive them of the opportunity to supply Europe with liquefied gas.

In an interview with OBOZREVATEL said the former Deputy Prime Minister Alfred Koch.”Why Americans don’t want this project. Ukraine and Poland also lose money, because in these countries will not have the volume of transit gas, which is now. Yes, some amount of transit they will continue. After all, to pump 200 billion of gas that Russia now supplies to Europe, “Nord stream-2″ is impossible. Through it, you can pump only half of these volumes,” — said Koch.

According to him, all the money earned Ukraine and Poland on the transit of Russian gas, paying, in the end, not Russia, and Germany.

News of”North stream-2″ to be: Russia will face new sanctions, and Ukraine — a huge loss

The construction of “Nord stream-2”

“Paying, for example, Ukraine transit, Russia, and then included these costs in the price of gas and sold it in Germany. Now, when there are cheaper, the logistics of Russian gas to Germany, it just gradually cease to sponsor the Ukrainian economy. There is no policy. It’s business, nothing personal”, — said the ex-politician.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Russia after the launch of the pipeline “Nord stream-2” will be a hostage the whole of Europe and will not be able to dictate to the EU its own terms.


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