Ukrainian artists are the same workers, as ordinary citizens, and to cover the issue with tours in Russia, the need to adopt the law.

This opinion was expressed by showman and producer, jury member of the last National selection for Eurovision Andriy Danylko in his interview to “Vesti”.

“Artists – “doves of peace”. If you want to once and for all close the question – accept the law. Now the artists who are there, nothing is broken. And the question about how this is moral, let us look at Parliament and see what sort of moralists. So let’s not” – said Danilko.

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According to him, ordinary people can not find work in Ukraine, and to go West not because of the language problem.

“Artist goes where it name. By saying that artists huge fees, but do not take into account the costs. Artists are people just like everyone else. Then we need to ban trains, find out who works in hotels and on construction sites. Why this applies only to artists? Artists such as migrant workers, like ordinary people. It is clear that there are some moments – participation in the premiums or other inappropriate appearance,” added the artist.

Andrey Danilko


On the question of whether next year to hold a national selection, Danilko suggested everyone exhale. In his opinion, it is necessary to hold a meeting to decide how this should happen.

“Maybe a NOTE with some professional members of the jury should choose the performer who will represent the country. They crawl in to not cause any issues and will send to Eurovision. Like, say, Russia this year makes Lazarev”, – he stressed.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, MARUV refused to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest after winning the National selection. The actress complained of “onerous” terms of the contract.

Around her was a scandal because of the tour in Russia. Danilko has called on Ukrainians to be kinder, Recalling that in the country corruption is rampant. He also commented on the scandal surrounding MARUV, noting that now the singer in “chocolate”.

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