Photo: OilMarket Prices fell at some gas stations by 10-20 cents

At some gas stations prices have fallen by 10-20 cents per liter depending on the region.

On the Ukrainian gas stations have stopped rising prices of the petrol, which began in early may and June 25-26, individual stations have reduced prices by 10-20 cents per liter. It is reported enkorr with reference to monitoring data of “Consulting group A-95”.

“For a week – from 19 to June 26 – the average price of autogas at filling stations has not changed and remains at the level of 11.40 UAH/l”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that on 26 June, the network WOG reduced prices by 10-20 cents per liter depending on the region.

Even the decline in prices noted in the Mango network, which in the Kiev region has lowered them to 20 cents per liter.

As reported, retail price of liquefied natural gas began to rise in early may due to a sharp increase in demand.

Another Correspondent wrote that diesel fuel and liquefied gas in Ukraine may rise to a level where they will be the highest in Europe.

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