Photo: STB Watch online Masterchef 2020 16 release

On Saturday, June 13, kicks off the sixteenth edition of the culinary project Masterchef. Professionals-2. Details 16 edition of the show on Корреспондент.net.

In the 16th edition of the show Masterchef. Professionals 2 cooks will have to prove that they are artists. This statement was reflected in the task participants.

All the chefs of the project will be divided into three teams. They will get the picture real artists in various styles.

So the three canvases depicted the specialists of vegetables and fruits in the style of pop art, surrealism, cubism. Task teams will prepare a dish that will match the direction of the paintings in the ingredients, colors and style.

Whether a professional chef to create a surreal dish – see 16 edition of the show Masterchef. Professionals-2 Корреспондент.net.

15 edition of Masterchef. Professionals 2, took place the battle of the black aprons. He got Yulia zhigulina, Maxim Vysotsky, Vladislav Ermakov and David Danielian.

The objective of the cooks was to connect the unconnected products. Participants spun the drum with the two balls. On one they found luxury foods like lobster, oysters, sea urchin, quinoa and others. In the second reel of the cooks was waiting for the creepy ingredients such as blood, bouillon cubes, canned meat, liverwurst, etc.

The results of the contest dish Maxim Vysotsky was not impressed the judges and he left Masterchef. Professionals-2.

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