Seventh generation Lexus ES was the first in which there was a F Sport version. Why Lexus, whose fame rests on the strength, comfort and room silence of the salons of the vehicles he again turns the game from a sport?

This is the brand philosophy: to combine the things that unite seemingly impossible. In this case, the comfort and spaciousness of the interior front-wheel drive Lexus ES and the drivers ‘ quality rear-drive Lexus GS, which is removed from production.

The philosophy of the meaning of a new unfamiliar reality. Soul isthmuses in the four walls, from time to time to air. The movement no longer seem a chore, movement is life.




And if you can convince yourself to go past the sports format a little frivolous, a two-door coupé, it is very difficult to resist the same sport, who appeared as the roomy practical sedan.

Although the number of doors Lexus ES 350 in complete F Sport difficult to learn – at first glance lingers on the intricate pattern on his face.

The fashion for hypertrophy grille not spared Lexus party – Japanese designers have long and solidly in the mainstream. But the impressive size of the “visor” ES looks elegant thanks to its whimsical zigzag sidewalls. And the mesh pattern of the grille is an indispensable characteristic of an F Sport version – here enclosed in elaborate frame dark chrome.

This Lexus is clearly well-fed life; he looks at the world confident look of a professional athlete, not yard bully. With muscles all right: take a look at the powerful rear wheel arches. Provocative elegance – so in a nutshell you can describe the looks of the new Lexus ES. That infrequent case when personal experience is fully consonant with the official name of the design concept.




This is really the first ES, the interior is set on peaceful-comfortable moving in space, and on the sensory, emotional ride. However, Lexus does not insist on this approach: the lovers of the traditional values of the brand can choose your own Lexus ES, and will also be satisfied.

But back to the F Sport version. A win-win combination of red and black in interior decoration perfectly sets off the sheen of polished metal is sparkle inlays on the doors and dashboard. And they are decorative in function, not in fact: metal is real! Inserts have a proper name – “Hadori”. The so-called ancient Japanese technique manual handling cutting edge of the sword, which they symbolize. A perfect likeness: even touch the insert resembles the texture of a blade of a formidable Japanese weapons.

The list of exclusive chip version F Sport does not end there. The Lexus ES 350 F Sport has a unique kind of mechatronic dashboard, harmoniously combining the classical solution with modern technology – again, at the behest of the corporate philosophy. After pressing the button on the steering wheel tachometer humming softly pushed to the side, making room for more color trip computer screen. The idea is borrowed from the legendary sports car the Lexus LFA, which at one time were so excited about Jeremy Clarkson.




Sports front seat with dense padding literally envelop the back, but not too tight: the drivers ‘ ambitions are not forced Lexus to cross the fine line of comfort. And while the back plunges into are trimmed in perforated eco-leather “buckets”, they are helpful are heated, though you had not even had time to ask them about it. So the function of the “climate Concierge” that was previously available only to owners of its flagship Lexus LS. The car itself installs heating for both front seats and steering wheel to the desired level, depending on the outside temperature.

The passengers of the second row – plenty of space for the feet, more soft than the front seats, a cushion, a comfortable backrest angle and two USB ports. But heated rear seats are somehow not available.




Under the hood Lexus ES 350 F Sport revealed rare nowadays thing, almost a rarity: atmospheric 3.5-liter V6 power of 302 HP Is a good friend 2GR-FKS known in other Lexus models.

The fall in fuel prices has forced a new look at such a powerful “heart”: today the choice in favor of a gasoline engine of such volume does not seem wasteful. And too much engine asks: 12.5 liters per 100 km in the city, if not to stand in traffic jams.

Honestly, I expected more flow because the start-stop system from the ES 350 F Sport, no. But the character of the motor: to drive, a 3.5-liter V6 is optional twist. When quiet acceleration the tachometer needle rarely goes above two thousand. Although fully its character “six” reveals, at medium rpm: the engine is equipped with an ACIS system, changing the geometry of the intake tract. And the reward for those who can afford to save each litre, it becomes enchanting Dynamica.




It is not only the speed of 7.4 with hundreds (our measurements) is enough to supply around to most of the popular crossover, although that’s a lot to deal with the hot hatchback.

The essence of the 3.5-litre V6 in its emotion. Peak torque from this atmosfernika longer and more expressive than the two-litre inline turbo-diesel German rivals. Eight-speed automatic Direct Shift can afford to switch less frequently and, therefore, possible to stick on a delicious wave of thrust, enjoying her increasing steepness.

And all this under the beautiful accompaniment of six cylinders, the volume of which multimedia system Lexus, however, is willing to further strengthen. She has to do is to sound could overcome the barrier of the great, without exaggeration, headrests and accurately to accompany the slightest movement of the gas pedal. For the sake of multimedica focus amplifies the voice of the motor and the release of nine different frequencies.




The slightest movement of the accelerator should not only sound, but the car itself. No gum under the pedal: multi-disc locking torque Converter automatic transmission works early and long, providing a direct transmission of torque to 82% of the time drive. Best of all it is there, of course, in sport mode of the machine.

Rides Lexus ES 350 F Sport is beautiful. Not slide on the outer radius on corner exit, and goes into a beautiful power slide, slightly straightening the trajectory under thrust.

Such habits was a revelation for the Japanese front-drive sedans. Soft and unobtrusive in everyday driving, the Lexus ES 350 in an F Sport version has learned gradually to fly into a rage at the request of the driver. And what is most surprising is to stay comfortable. Suspension ES 350 F Sport lets you feel the road profile but does not allow him to irritate passengers.

So the version of the F Sport model ES – this story is not only about decor. Lexus ES F Sport is actually quite unusual for Lexus ES history. Meet her in person – you’ll like it.