Kaminska: Chilima. Dolphin and mermaid

Photo: babaslavka / Instagram

35-year-old member of the Ukrainian group “Neangely” posted in Instagram video and photo in the pool with children Laura and Leonard.

“Chilima. Dolphin and mermaid”, she wrote.

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Chilima * Dolphin and mermaid *

Publication of Babaslavka (@babaslavka) June 27, 2020 6:58 PDT

“What a gorgeous mommy. I love you,” said katya_kl5.

“Has become like angelina Jolie,” wrote kurnik79.

In the group “Neangely” Glory Kaminska sings together with his colleague Victoria (Catherine Souhei). The band was founded by producer Yuri Nikitin 16 July 2006.

Laura (2015) and Leonard (2014) – children Kaminskaya from her ex-husband, a plastic surgeon Edgar Kaminsky. 1 July 2019, the couple got a divorce. Kaminsky admitted that he wanted to divorce with Fame in 2017. They were married in 2014.