Alexander Gvozdik sure that you will not be able to capitalize on his match in Ukraine.

Former world champion light heavyweight Alexander Gvozdik (17-1, 14 KO’s) explained why won’t be able to fight in Ukraine. The reason, according to him, is simple – this match will be for him financially disadvantageous.

“Of course I would like to play at home, in Kharkiv. But again. I don’t want to tell fables, “I would, but I can’t.” Me today, 33 years. I have a family and any training for battle is where you invest your finances, health and a lot of effort. Free today I do not ready and do not want. If I’m not going to be able to do this for a living, what I go to work? Worker or McDonald’s cashier.

In Ukraine today the situation is such that will not work on this, shall we say, discourage all efforts spent. Who am I going to fight in Ukraine? Of course I need to find a worthy opponent, I’m not going to box with some rank sportsman club. And to fight with worthy opponents at a decent level you need to undergo training with good sparring partners, which is costly and stressful. Accordingly, I want to get the reward for their labor.

So the fight in Ukraine today is unlikely, because in Ukraine this industry is not so developed as in the United States,” said boxer in an interview, Ready to Fight.


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