Freshly squeezed juice is a concentrated source of calories and dramatically increases the level of blood sugar.

This was told by the nutritionist Robin Foroutan in comments to CNN, explaining that after processing the whole fruit product not only loses its vitamins and fiber, but also becomes hazardous to health.

“You lose the fiber in the fruit and vegetable juices, and this leads to the fact that the juice increases the sugar level in the blood to dramatic proportions. Whole fruits and vegetables so do not work,” said Forootan.

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The nutritionist said that the juice must be drunk immediately, otherwise antioxidant and enzymatic activity reduced. The product should be stored in the refrigerator and consume within one day.



However, he said that it is impossible to drink a lot of fresh juice at a time. Frequent consumption of the drink can cause of developing diabetes, because this product contains natural sugar. Vegetable juice of carrot and beet is no exception.

Carrot juice


“If you follow the blood sugar levels or trying to control carbs or calories, you must make sure that your juice was limited to 4 ounces or 0.5 cups”, – stated in the message.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, previously, experts have made a selection of popular diets that harm the health.

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