“Zrada”: it became known that trump thinks about Ukraine

The head of the Council of Europe told Ukrainian media

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The head of the European Council Donald Tusk said in an interview to Ukrainian TV channel TVN24 your true feelings about Ukraine. Despite the assurances of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko that the US is a major partner, to be much enthusiasm for the American leader against the Square does not feel. Is trump stronger obsessed with the idea to understand Russia.

The frame of the CNN telecast.

Tusk did not exclude that in the near future American policy towards Ukraine may undergo a profound change. Therefore, the head of the Council of Europe believes that Ukraine needs support as never before.

“In several conversations with me, President trump did not hide that has less enthusiasm on the Ukraine and more understanding of what Russia has done in Ukraine,” – said Tusk.

“We like oxygen to need support, understanding, and mutual cooperation between Poland and Ukraine”, – quotes Tusk “European truth”.

Recall that at the recent G7 summit trump suggested that the Crimea belongs to Russia, because there live Russian-speaking people. He is also skeptical about financial aid to Ukraine, calling it “one of the most corrupt countries.”

In the Ukrainian media the words of Tusk trump caused a flurry of outraged comments from readers, which characterize the policy of the American President as “Zradu,” ie “betrayal” in translation on Russian language.