Photo: Office of the President of Ukraine Zelensky inspects the course of the project a Large building

A lot of construction Zelensky can become a populist project because of corruption and failure to budget revenues, experts say.

In Ukraine once again face the urgent issue of quality of roads – one of the reasons of catastrophic destruction in the Western Ukraine during the floods became poor infrastructure.

President Vladimir Zelensky in late February launched an ambitious project in a Large building, whose purpose is the construction and overhaul of 6.5 thousand kilometers of roads.

In the Kiev region opened the first 25 kilometres of the repaired section of the route Kiev – Odessa. Корреспондент.net tells details.


The state is building – truckers break

Vladimir Zelensky in his press conference may 20, said he wants to become President, “after which Ukraine will finally have a road”.

“Our goal is to build all state roads that will unite our country that will showcase our European countries. And this is 25 thousand priority roads. And I have until the end of his term – how long it will be there, solve the people of Ukraine – but I am sure that by the end of his term we will complete all Hodorogea” he said.

The President assured that the economic crisis and the quarantine will not be the reason for coagulation of large construction programmes. He said that in 2020 it is planned to build nine times more roads than in previous years.

Zelensky inspects a lot of construction in Khmelnytskyi region / income statement

Zelensky also expressed the hope that after the local elections he and his party will have influence in many cities and therefore will be able to build “yet all the roads and in the cities”. He also said that he plans to find three million dollars for the construction of bridges.

On June 23 the President issued a video message in which he called the “assholes” truck, which spoil the roads are overloaded with cars.

Zelensky said that he had found a group in Viber, where truck drivers discuss what roads you can drive around the points of the weighing machines. His appeal, he published them in chat.

“We are doing a lot of construction – building a thousand ways, I think, as all this year to catch, where to get the money… There are different cars, different drivers, overloaded – they go. They have their own work, they don’t care what the government spends on one kilometer of state roads are approximately one million U.S. dollars,” he said.

To solve this problem, says the President together with the SBU, Nicoletia and police had established checkpoints, but they still go round.

“Then they go overloaded, split road, the reason they drive on the main road… would you just say: you guys are assholes – and we want something good to do for the country… you can’t… but at least a little stir. Okay? Because we still all conversations will find you too will find – and it will hurt,” he said.

The Association of international road carriers of Ukraine offended by the statement Zelensky and talked about “the heroism of the drivers.”

24 June the President’s Office published a report indicating that the construction of “gaining momentum”: completed the repair of one of the sections of the highway M-05 Kiev – Odessa, which is part of the international transport corridor E-95.

“We are starting almost every week to access new segments of trails, large and small, both local and national importance. Kiev – Odessa highway, which is used not only by those who live in Kiev or Odessa. This is one of the main arteries of Ukraine”, – said the Deputy head of OP Kirill Timoshenko during the official opening segment of road in the Kiev region.

The President’s office

The construction involved in joint Ukrainian-Belarus enterprise. Ambassador of Belarus Igor Sokol said that “it is the gift of Belarusian builders to the Ukrainian people on the Day of the Constitution.”

OP said that in 2021 the State Agency of highways of Ukraine plans to upgrade the highway M-05.

As said the Chairman of Ukravtodor Alexander Kubrakov, on this track closer to Kiev set point of automatic weight control and soon violators will receive fines.

Today, 26 June, Zelensky during his working visit to Kherson region, told about the operation, which local authorities called Balanced and happy, is aimed at preventing overloaded trucks.

“You know that the surgery is performed due to these loads that break up our roads, we allocate this year to about 80 billion. A lot of money for the state, it had never been. So we have the operation in the Kherson region, the operation is valid all over the country,” the President said.

The operation connected Netpolice and SBU. “I don’t know the name of the operation said Mr. Gusev, but want to correct: all drivers will be exactly balanced, but unfortunately, not everyone will be happy,” said Zelensky.


But there is still corruption and cartel

As DW said the head of Ukravtodor, only this year it is planned to construct and repair 4.2 thousand kilometers of roads. About 600 miles, he said, are already in operation.

Alexander Kubrakov indicated that major reconstruction is necessary because two-thirds of the 24 thousand kilometers of the main network of Ukrainian motor roads are now “in an offensive or critical condition.”

Yuriy Nikolov, co-founder of the League of antitrust, in which examine public procurement, believes that the presidential initiative can turn into a populist project.

“It has been six months after the start of a Large construction project, and some future roads the wind blows in the fields. Physically repaired this year may be not more than two thousand kilometers. And then, if there’s timely receipt of the budget,” – said Nikolov.

The accounting chamber of Ukraine confirms the fears of experts. Auditors point out that, according to budget reports for January-April, there are still significant risks for Ukraine’s budget in the current year, especially income.

However, even the money that is now allocated to roads may disappear in corrupt deals, does not exclude Nikolov.

He said that the calculations of the League of antitrust investigating the procurement of asphalt for contract Large construction project, show that it must be procured at half the price.

Falling oil prices leads to cheaper asphalt, but in Ukraine all on the contrary, says Nikolov.

“Most popular brand of asphalt in those tenders where we managed to find the estimate has risen from three thousand to four thousand hryvnia per ton. This is a traditional Ukrainian hell – “light up” on the road. That is to lay their margins in major infrastructure projects”, – the expert explains.

In addition, the continued Nikolov, who participated in the working group of the Ministry of economy, approving the guidelines for bidders, called the position of Ukravtodor “cartel agreement”.

The Agency has adopted such stringent rules that the tenders for the repair and construction of roads can involve about five companies cut off the part of contractors who could do this work cheaper, because then there would be competition in the market.

In Ukravtodor explained his decision concern about the quality and speed of construction.


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