Jaresko: I Want to be involved in aid to Ukraine

Photo: Natalia Ann Jaresko / Natalie Ann Jaresko

Former Finance Minister Natalia Yaresko use the Ukrainian experience in the work of the Executive Director of the Council on financial management and control in Puerto Rico. She told about it in interview “LigaBusinessInform” from July 9.

“When we are discussing in Puerto Rico the question of publicity of public finances – I’m talking about e-data, which uses the state Treasury of Ukraine; when it comes to reducing costs on public procurement indicate ProZorro, decentralization remember about our experience of 2014, when the local community received its own budget and responsibility for decision-making”, – said Yaresko.

The former official noted that he lives in Puerto Rico, but two or three times a year flies to Ukraine. Yaresko assured that “really wants to return to Kyiv”, but does not have “specific thoughts about prospective employment in the government”.

“I want to be involved in aid to Ukraine, but it does not have to be official,” she explained.

According to the former Minister, she regrets that following the resignation of Arseniy Yatsenyuk from the post of head of government in 2016 are unable to take his place.

“If it was not the political will. I personally have not had the opportunity to influence it”, – she confessed.

Jaresko headed the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine from December 2014 to April 2016. Restoring the financial stability of Puerto Rico engaged in March 2017.