Montenegro has put up for sale the 34 metre yacht “Jadranka”, which belonged to Marshal Josip Broz Tito, according to Reuters.

Photo: Reuters

The contents of the vessel is too expensive for the budget, so the “Jadranka”, which was built in 1977 in the shipyard in the Croatian Kraljevica, auctioned at a starting price of € 80 thousand Wooden ship that is in pretty bad shape, from 2017 on is dry docked in Bar. When the “Jadranka” was on the move, it could reach a speed of 25 knots, with Seating for 40 passengers and 14 crew members, Reuters reports.

In 2017, the yacht has already tried to sell for € 80 thousand, but a lot nobody bought. The government hoped that the new owner wants to convert a boat into a floating Museum and put it on the dock in Kotor or Tivat.

In 2007, Montenegro has sold another yacht Tito, “between Primorka”, for € 104 thousand Third ship of the dictator, “Galeb”, in rust docked at the Croatian port of Rijeka, Reuters reports .

The interior of the yacht “Galeb”, which is also rust at the pier. Photo: Reuters

Josip Broz Tito was a war and one of the leaders of the partisan movement in Yugoslavia during the Second world war. In January 1953 he was elected President of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. In this position he remained until his death in 1980. In relation to the Soviet Union pursued a policy of nonalignment and was not involved in the Organization of the Warsaw Pact.