Photo: Screenshot from video Gritsay re-triggered Mustache to a duel

Gritsay has decided to continue correspondence verbal duel with the Moustache. Wrestler ready to fight by any rules.

Ukrainian fighter Bogdan Gritsay recorded a new video message to boxer Aleksandr Usik, in which repeatedly challenged him to a duel.

Earlier Gritsay caused a Moustache to fight without rules, but Alexander has agreed to fight by Boxing rules, that has not made a wrestler.

“Where is the gentleman’s rules? Pure chaos. What is the Commission? Who are the lawyers? What kind of diapers to you? Who’s who throws a glove? What kind of cheap trick. I understand that you and chess was taught to play by the rules of Boxing. Stress, we fight without rules. Without any rules. So, if you want, you can manage. You’re better at Boxing. So why should you be afraid? Boxing, send me a knockout on your clown video,” said Gritsay.

He also said that the Mustache is drawn in the video to it, though, and not name names.

We will remind, earlier in a network there was a Russian documentary film “Hello, brother! Christ is risen”. It starred Usyk and Lomachenko. The boxers talked about the fact that Ukrainians and Russians are “one people”. The film is “about faith, friendship, brothers in Christ” athletes from Russia and Ukraine who are in “difficult time for the canonical Orthodox Church in Ukraine” remain faithful to God, faith and Fatherland.

After that, Usyk and Lomachenko hit the base of a Peacemaker. The creators of the site believe that boxers “have become a tool of Russian propaganda.”


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