In Ukraine raging flu, which killed 26 people. Doctors say that this virus, though we had ten years ago, this year it especially dangerous. It just gives a snapshot of patients will develop pneumonia, which can lead to death.

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Three deaths in a week

Only last week in the Zaporozhye region recorded three deaths from the flu. On 5 February of an infection has died 68-the summer inhabitant of Zaporozhye. The woman became ill on 26 January and was immediately admitted to the intensive care unit of the hospital. However, to save her and failed.

Doctors advise at the first symptoms to immediately consult a doctor

The patient developed bilateral pneumonia, heart failure. Doctors say that the woman also had diabetes.

10 Feb died from influenza 69-year-old resident of Zaporozhye. The woman also had chronic diseases – stroke, diabetes, hypertension. Flu she got sick on January 31, three days later went to the doctor, and only 6 Feb was in intensive care. But the doctors already anything could not help.

On the same day in the Zaporozhye region died from the flu 15-year-old girl. For help to the doctors the parents are not treated, two days treated at home, but has not coped with the disease. The child died of pneumonia.

The current flu is dangerous for children

In January also in the Zaporozhye region died from influenza two people. In addition, in January in Zhytomyr region from influenza died 6-the summer girl. A victim of the flu was a pregnant woman, doctors were able to save her baby, having a caesarean section.

Overall, the country epidporog exceeded by 56%. The doctors predict that on recession the infection will go only in March. Many areas have been closed to quarantine the school.

Cause complications and is spreading rapidly

As told to us in Zaporizhzhya regional laboratory center of the Ministry of health of Ukraine, all the dead found influenza type A.

At high temperature, immediately contact your doctor

“In one case, a pandemic influenza A (H1N1). Three cases were confirmed influenza a, and the results of the latter case we expect”, – said the head of the Department of organization of epicicloidali Marina Kolerov.

Experts say that the danger of this flu is that it spreads easily and instantly causes a serious complication, like pneumonia.

“It is dangerous because it causes severe condition and the outbreak of the disease is very easily transmitted from person to person. This strain have been circulating in 2009-10, there were many deaths and many people infected. The last ten years he had been, but was not so active. And this year again it is easy to find victims,” says Kolerov.

Have novotiraspolsky more thousands of people: in the Dnipropetrovsk region increased the incidence of influenza

Head, Department of respiratory and viral infections of the Institute of epidemiology them. V. Alla Mironenko added that the current flu is dangerous for people at risk. “These are children, pregnant women, people suffering from diabetes, asthma, obesity, cardiovascular diseases. Such patients may develop pneumonia,” says Myronenko.

How to protect yourself from the flu

Influenza a (H1N1) known under the name “swine”. Also in 1918, this type of flu caused the pandemic of Spanish flu, which claimed thousands of lives.

Ukraine is rampant influenza a (H1N1)

In 2009, the who officially reported the outbreak of a pandemic influenza A (H1N1). It is characterized by the rapid development of viral pneumonia, which is not treatable by conventional antibiotics.

Doctors pay attention to symptoms of this dangerous disease. “If you have dramatically had a high fever, he had aching pains in joints and muscles, photophobia, intoxication, you should immediately contact the doctor. And not to just go, and I was admitted. Do not delay the treatment at home. Because in the hospital you will be prescribed a special treatment that will help to avoid complications of pneumonia. And of course, death,” says Kolerov.

The vaccine will not help

During an epidemic to protect themselves from the flu through vaccination is very difficult. As noted Mironenko, hard to say, you will have time in humans to produce immunity or he would be sick.

Novostius the epidemic of influenza in the river be disinfected taxis

“Of course, you can isolate yourself at this time, try less to go outside, wear a mask. But if you do, it is unlikely for an important meeting or appointment, you come in a mask,” says the epidemiologist.

As the doctors advise, going outside, use oxolinic ointment, it lubricate the mucous membranes of the nose. After returning home immediately wash your hands with soap and water, and transport, avoid touching hands to nose, eyes and mouth.

Flu in Ukraine have died and 26 people

If you are riding the bus, you can keep the mouth piece of lemon or orange crust – acidic environment kills the germs. Also caress your mouth with a solution of calendula, hlorofillipt. Will also help strengthen the immune system, if you take to use a little onion or garlic.

If you have the first symptoms of the disease immediately consult a doctor and do not refuse hospitalization.

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