Photo: Instagram/millajovovich Baby was born 3 Feb

The actress admitted that her daughter has a severe form of neonatal jaundice. Every day she carries the girl to the hospital.

Actress Milla Jovovich spoke about the illness of his newborn daughter Oshin. The history of celebrity has shared in his Instagram.

According to 44-year-old star, her third daughter, whom she gave birth 3 February, a severe form of neonatal jaundice. Jovovich added that she regularly carries the girl to the hospital.

The actress also said that she had to Express milk to Oshin ate more.

Also the celebrity has admitted that she is in pain to see scratches on heels little that is left after the blood tests.

Recall that Jovovich and her husband Director Paul Anderson has two more children – 12-year-old Dashiell and 4-year-old Eva.

We reported that Milla Jovovich showed how breastfeeding daughter.

Earlier we wrote that Jovovich during pregnancy scored 22 pounds.

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There’s nothing sweeter than seeing your children loving each other and appreciating their time together. @dashielanderson can’t get enough of “her sweet little baby” and feeds her whenever she can. I’ve had to supplement with expressed breast milk because Osian has a bad case of jaundice that she hasn’t been able to kick, so we’ve been in and out of the hospital all week and they said the more milk she eats the quicker she’ll get them all out. But she falls asleep so quickly breastfeeding that we’ve had to do the bottle feedings so she gets as much as possible. Poor one has so many little scratches on her heels where they’ve taken blood to test her for antibodies, it makes my heart hurt to think about. But hopefully the blood test they did today will show that she’s all better.🤞🏼

Publication from Milla Jovovich (@millajovovich) Feb 10 2020 1:26 PST

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