The player kept weapons at home and suspected of having links with the mafia


Vincenzo Iaquinta. Photo Wikipedia

The former striker of Juventus and Italy national team Vincenzo Iaquinta sentenced to two years imprisonment. The 2006 world champion is accused of illegal possession of firearms and having links with the Calabrian mafia Ndrangheta.

In may, the Prosecutor requested to sign a player for six years, and his father, who was also under investigation, – on 19 years.

In total more than 140 people appeared before the court in the case of Ndrangheta and promote its strengthening in the North of Italy.

Wednesday Iaquinta was convicted of illegal weapons possession and was sentenced to two years imprisonment. His house was found a Magnum revolver, a Browning pistol and 126 cartridges. At the same time, allegations of aiding the mafia have been removed.

Father ex-player, Giuseppe, was sentenced to 19 years, bringing up his involvement in the mafia. Vincenzo kept the gun for his father who was forbidden to own firearms in 2012. During your stay at Udinese, shortly before the transition to Juventus, Iaquinta handed weapons to his father without telling the police.