Victims of the fire were 64 people

Photo: EPA

The cause of the fire in Kemerovo, which claimed human lives, was arson. About it in interview to “Moscow Komsomolets” said the man named Eugene, who is in a criminal case as a witness.

In a burned-out shopping Mall “Winter cherry” Eugene worked as a photographer and animator, and, according to him, had seen the arsonist.

“The arsonist was a boy about 12 years old. That day he tried to set fire to the attraction, but to the end to finish could not have stopped him. A little later, he brought the case to the end. And he nearly died of fumes in the smoke,” said the man.

He said that he had put on a children’s quest, and therefore had the gas masks. With their help, helped to evacuate visitors to the shopping centre.

Among those who helped Eugene, was the boy who tried to “fire attraction”.

“I noticed it immediately, saved. And then told the investigators,” he said.

Fire in four-storey shopping centre, “Winter cherry” in Kemerovo took place on 25 March. According to the statement of local authorities, the fire started in a children’s trampoline room. According to the Ministry of emergency situations of the Russian Federation, the accident killed 64 people. According to relatives, the victim of the tragedy was 41 children.

The Ministry of emergency situations announced the completion of the survey the burnt Mall on March 27 and reported missing as a result of the fire in the shopping center there. The relatives of the victims gathered data on 85 missing.

On March 26, several witnesses claimed to have killed many more visitors to the “Winter cherry”.

March 27 it became known that information about the hundreds of victims in the commercial centre of Kemerovo has launched a Ukrainian prankster known as Evgeniy Volnov. Prankster pretending to be an employee of the Ministry of emergencies, I called the morgue and asked how much is available. In comments to RBC he said that he posted videos about the “300 victims” on its YouTube channel, as the Russian authorities ignore the scale of the tragedy, and he is “the one who speaks the truth and is not afraid of it.”