Pandemic coronavirus made completely “curl” world sports in anticipation of better times. “Pause” the set is absolutely all international top-level tournaments.


Despite the increase in the incidence of coronavirus in some regions, sports officials around the world every day to discuss the question “when can we resume the game?” Options there are the most different – both with the format and by dates.

OBOZREVATEL have collected together the most recent information about stopping and resuming the world’s best sporting events – the UEFA Champions League, NBA, NHL, Euroleague, Formula 1 and others in our list.

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Top football tournament in Europe kept to the last, and was terminated on March 13 at the stage of 1/8 finals. In the quarterfinals, managed to get Atalanta (Italy), RB Leipzig (Germany), Atletico Madrid (Spain) and PSG (France). But couples Juventus – Lyon, man city – real Madrid, Barcelona, Napoli and Bayern Munich – Chelsea played only the first match.

When can resume. Initially, UEFA had hope for renewal in may or early June with the finals in late June, but on 1 April it was decided to once again postpone the competition, already on an indefinite period.However, on 20 April there is a new specific date for the resumption of the tournament on August 7-8.

Cristiano Ronaldo with Juventus still hopes to compete for the Champions League this season

Europa League

“Younger brother” of the Champions League has also been interrupted on 13 March, and also at the stage of 1/8 finals. In LES, all participants of the playoffs had to play one match of the 1/8-th, including Ukrainian “the miner” (from “Wolfsburg” away – 2:1).

When can resume. As well as the Champions League, the resumption of the Europa League may begin in August – 2-3 th.

The playoffs of the League of Nations

In March was to be held the last playoffs of the League of Nations, which will decide the last 4 participants of the European championship (Euro 2020, which became the Euro-2021). Including one of the opponents of the Ukrainian team in the group at the Euros.

When can resume. All the matches of the national teams officially moved to UEFA in June, many of the teams on their federations indicate the number at the beginning of the month. But in mid-April in one of the national federations reported that UEFA is planning to hold a play-off in October-November.

Copa Libertadores

The analogue of the Champions League in South America was stopped after DS and LE. In the Copa Libertadores at the time of the stop was played only 2 rounds of the group stage since the tournament started in January. Together with KL parallel paused and Copa Sudamericana (similar to Europa League).

When can resume. First pause was determined until March 21, but then the situation with the epidemic worsened, and the renewal of the TC and the COP was moved to may 5.


Basketball the top League of the world still continued to play, when in Europe everything is already folded. But in the end the NBA “tapped the brakes” on April 12, after the center “Utah jazz” Rudy Gobert passed test positive for coronavirus. At the time of stoppage, the NBA continued a regular part.

Ukrainian Sviatoslav mykhailiuk together with his “Detroit” waiting for the resumption of the season

When can resume. Initially, the season was suspended for 30 days (until April 12), but it is now clear that at the expiration of the term Cup does not resume. In thinking about the fate of season, by both clubs and the League office agree for any price to finish the season. But the NBA already issued a statement that it will not make decisions on the resumption of matches until the beginning of may. Also, the League may set a date for the resumption of matches no earlier than 25 days after the beginning of the training players.

The Euroleague and the Champions League (basketball)

Elite European Cup – Euroleague, stopped for 5 rounds before the end of the regular part of the March 12 emergency decision of FIBA. The second power of the European basketball tournament – the Champions League, it stopped at the 1/4 final stage. Two pairs (Tenerife (Spain) – “Ostende” (Belgium) and Dijon (France) – Nizhny Novgorod (Russia)) do not have time to finish the 1 / 8th and to identify the participant in the quarter-finals.

When can resume. Euroleague management intends to finish the season in the regular format, resume the games as soon as possible. In the case of UCL, rather rare for international tournaments, we can say without “have”. In FIBA immediately determined that the winner of the tournament will be determined by the outcome of the Final eight matches which will be held from 30 September to 4 October.


The regular championship of NHL was halted March 12 for an indefinite period. “Our goal is to play again as soon as it is appropriate and reasonable that we were able to finish the season and hand the Stanley Cup to the winner,” said League Commissioner Gary Bettman.

When can resume. In the middle of March, it was reported that ctanhl may resume on may 15. But later decided that the championship will resume in either July or August if need be.



Open in the Continental hockey League decided not to “drag out” over the resumption of the season and prematurely ended the season. The tournament was interrupted at the stage of the 1/4 finals of the playoffs for the first time in the KHL will not determine the winner.

New for the season is supposed to start in September 2020.


Major League baseball in the United States did not catch the very outbreak of the coronavirus and America, as its season is on the system “spring-autumn” and was supposed to start on March 26. This year fans are waiting for the anniversary, the 120 major League baseball season.

When can resume. Trying to predict the development of the situation of the pandemic in the first major League baseball has postponed the start of the season 2 weeks – until April 10. But late season opening has been postponed indefinitely.

Formula 1

Season in Formula 1 was to be launched in March, but quite predictable start snapped. Seasonal world Cup in 2020, was to consist of 22 stages of the Grand Prix, but two of them (in Australia, 13-15 March, in Monaco, 21-24 may) reversed. Another six the next Grand Prix (Bahrain, Vietnam, China, the Netherlands, Spain and Azerbaijan) postponed indefinitely.

When can resume. In the current situation lays F1 stage by stage, pushing and General the start of the season – at the moment of the first race have to go to the Grand Prix of France (beginning June 28). But this phase too is open to question. The rest of the Grand Prix have not changed the calendar and moved will be placed in available possible dates.

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