Sushchenko detained in Russia in September 2016

Photo: EPA

A prisoner in a Russian prison Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko is struggling for any news from home, it is very important to receive letters. About it in interview to the edition “GORDON” said the political prisoner’s wife Angelica Sushchenko.

She noted that in order to contact Sushchenko the phone, you need to take special permission from the prison authorities. All conversations are monitored.

“Once started on the phone to tell Roman about what actions in its support are held in Kiev. It is the anniversary of his arrest was. The conversation was immediately drowned out. You know, as they used to be: you press a button and you hear nothing, although I remain on the telephone line. Extra word or topic that they don’t like – and all communication breaks,” – said Angelica.

Wife Sushchenko noted that letters to a prisoner going on for two or three months, are censored.

“Each piece is a special stamp. If something is not like prison censored a letter is sent to the trash. Letters must be only in Russian. In spite of this, a lot of letters reach, including from Canada, France and other Western countries. Our children also have a lot of letters to send, although it is clear, as it is difficult to write in Russian. This is my husband said. It is very important these letters. He is fighting for any news from home. On a date, told me how surprised that so many people in Ukraine and in the West it know,” she said.

Wife Sushchenko: How Roman was detained? In the afternoon, in the centre of Moscow, a bag on his head, dragged in a car. Russia. Read the full interview

The correspondent of “UKRINFORM” Sushchenko was arrested on 30 September 2016 in Moscow. The FSB called it personnel officer of Ukrainian military intelligence. Against him opened a criminal case under article “espionage”. The trial was held behind closed doors.

The prosecution asked to sentence the journalist to 14 years in prison. The last word Ukrainian said he did not plead guilty and asked the court to acquit the defendant.

4 June, a court in Moscow sentenced Sushchenko to 12 years in a strict regime colony.

5 Jun Sushchenko lawyers appealed the verdict.