The participation of European companies in the construction of the bridge, undermining the EU sanctions regime, the resolution says the European Parliament

Kerch bridge. Photo:

In the European Parliament resolution on the aggression of the Russian Federation in the Black and Azov seas is deprecated and construction of Crimean bridge and in the construction of European companies to bypass the sanctions.

MEPs condemned the restriction of navigation rights of Ukraine in its territorial waters, the Kerch bridge has significantly limited the passage of ships.

“The European Parliament stresses that Russia must respect international Maritime law and the bilateral agreement on cooperation with Ukraine to not interfere or impede transit passage through the Kerch Strait and the Azov sea,” the resolution reads.

Also in Brussels expressed concern about the participation of European companies in the construction of the bridge, as it undermines the EU sanctions regime. In this regard, the EP called on the European Commission to examine and verify compliance with the restrictive measures of the EU and member countries are urged to exchange information regarding initiated criminal cases on possible violations of the sanctions regime of the EU European companies.

We will remind, recently, the SBU exposed the Ukrainian company, which supplied materials for the construction of the Kerch bridge. The investigators found that the management of one of the Ukrainian enterprises for the production of crushed stone has established its delivery in the Russian Federation. In General in Russia was carried out twenty-five supply of crushed stone with a total weight of 28 tons.