It turns out that men have their fears and troubles. And women should know about them

Men too are afraid. Photo: pixabay

Many people believe that men never, nothing and no fear, they are strong, courageous, always know what to do, they can easily go into relationships, etc. But it turns out that men have their fears and troubles. And women should know about them.

1. Like women, men are afraid to be useless, rejected, alone. So many of them are afraid to make the first move, to explore, to propose, to invite… And if he says no, and suddenly make fun of, and suddenly… Why so many single men and women. Some are afraid, while others are waiting.

2. Men are afraid not to please. To attract female attention, men have to do things – to look beautiful, compliment, joke, give gifts, dress up, constantly surprise and more. Trying to please, man may overdo who in the words of the who in action. Need sympathetic to the suitors, because they worry less women.

3. Men are afraid of poverty. Many men used to do small. They can wear the same clothes a week, eat the same food. But women need much more than men and one of the fears of men do not have the capacity to pay of female whims. And this applies to both unmarried and married men.

4. Men are afraid of responsibility. That is why many men don’t have serious relationships, and especially family and child. It’s one thing to be responsible for themselves and quite another for someone else.

5. Men are afraid of criticism, misunderstanding and rejection. Each person has their own character, their habits, their Hobbies. And everyone wants to be accepted the way it is, not trying to change it.

6. Men are afraid of disease and pain. Many men are much harder to tolerate the disease, they have a lower tolerance for pain, more panic, but rarely go to the doctor. In disease they become weak, and that state they do not like extremely.

7. Men are afraid to appear weak. From childhood, boys are forbidden to weep, sentimentality and vulnerability is only for girls. Why so many men find solace in alcohol. If men did not hesitate to cry, not afraid to seem vulnerable, not afraid to show their feelings, they would be easier to live.

8. Men are afraid of failure. What does matter in what area of personal or professional. Any of the men, like fire, afraid of being branded a loser. Therefore, the men are willing to work hard in my personal life to change partners or to embellish the reality, but he believed, if not cool, then at least a normal guy

9. Men are afraid of disappointment in sex. What is equally afraid to disappoint both yourself and the woman. One of the strongest fears that sex will not be so or that will never be their fault, or that the woman will remain unsatisfied.