A resident of New Zealand decided to stop stress-eating after ordering clothes ten sizes larger than usual.

Thinner by a third woman told the replaced habitual stress-related eating. Her story was told to the edition Stuff.

A resident of new Zealand Auckland lost 37 pounds after she had to go to the clothes ten sizes larger.

At the height 1.7 meters of 34-year-old Tanya Wyatt weighed in at 99.9 kg. The woman went through a bad breakup with her lover, changed her with her friend. Then her grandfather died, she had to move and change jobs.

White began stress-eating and drinking a lot of wine. A woman cut off from others and not leaving the house.

When she was forced to order clothes ten sizes bigger, I decided to change my life. The woman turned to the psychologist who helped her out of a lingering apathy.

White signed up for a weight loss program and seeing results – continued to follow the diet after its completion. The woman notes that her main achievement, and the secret was that instead of sticking stress she now goes for a run.

Now the woman weighs 62 pounds and is preparing to run a marathon.

Earlier it was reported that the woman had shared the secret of losing weight is 92 kg. the Reporter Also wrote that the “Barbie plus-size” has lost 82 kg because of shame.

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