The United States will not allow other States, including the EU, to circumvent U.S. sanctions against Iran, said the US presidential Advisor for national security John Bolton. Washington will be “aggressive and unwavering” in enforcing economic sanctions against Iran and will not allow other countries to undermine, warned Bolton, speaking on Tuesday, September 25, at a conference in new York.

John Bolton. Photo: Reuters

“The European Union is strong in rhetoric and weak in communicating intentions to the end… We are not going to allow Europe or anyone else to evade our sanctions,” — he stressed. The United States will take action against any who will provide financial services to Iranian banks, said John Bolton. According to him, the payment system SWIFT “must keep” for carried out with it deals with Iran .

The EU will create a special Institute to bypass anti-Iran sanctions

Earlier, the EU high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini said that Brussels intends to create a special financial institution that will provide financial operations with Iran in circumvention of U.S. sanctions. This statement was made in new York after the meeting, Mogherini with representatives of Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China and Iran.

These countries believe that Tehran complies with the terms of the “nuclear deal”, the output of which unilaterally stated in the USA. The new Institute will allow European companies to enter into economic relations with Iran without the risk of incurring sanctions by Washington.

USA came out of the deal with Iran

In early may, the President of the United States Donald trump announced that his country was emerging from a Joint comprehensive action plan (FDP), signed between Iran, the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany in 2015, and providing for the implementation by Tehran of a number of steps to limit its nuclear program in exchange for lifting sanctions. Then Washington has extended sanctions against Iran and demanded that the allies stop buying his oil under the threat of sanctions for companies and buyers.

Iran, in response, complained to the international court of justice, and also announced that if Iranian oil exports will be blocked, it will block the oil supply to the international market through the Strait of Hormuz. Through this Strait is about 20 percent of total world exports of oil.