Photo: Twitter, the Prince feels himself lost

Royal expert wondered what to do in America Prince Harry. His wife expects to continue to be in a movie, and as for the plans of the British Prince, then a complete unknown.

Expert on the British Royal family That Quinn believes that the main problem of Prince Harry after the rejection of the duties of a senior member of the Royal family and moving to the United States, is a misunderstanding, he continue to do it, writes Daily Star.

In the home of the Duke of Sussex had certain responsibilities, but now they are out and he is confused.

“Harry feels a little lost. He feels in America, the same feelings that Megan was experiencing here,” said Quinn.

If Harry wife Meghan Markle hopes to build an acting career, then what to do Harry, is unknown.

“What is his role? He can not the rest of your life just to walk the Labrador,” said the expert. He also added that Harry may not apply to McDonald’s or work at an investment Bank.

We wrote that Meghan Markle “crushed” Prince Harry. A journalist in his new book about the Royal family of Britain called Prince Harry “pathetic” and “spineless”.

It was also reported that the life of Prince Harry “turned into a nightmare.”

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