WADA said that the company tested the ability to manually open the frozen container

Photo: EPA

The world anti-doping Agency (WADA) launched an investigation due to the potential vulnerability of the containers to the doping tests of athletes provided by the Swiss-based company Berlinger in September 2017. This is the official website of WADA.

About a possible security vulnerability, the Agency said the anti-doping laboratory in Cologne German. According to them, the vials for doping tests Bereg-Kit may be opened manually after the freeze.

Athletes pass drug tests blood and/or urine. The resulting material is separated into sample A and B. the Test for doping is performed with the first test. The second sample is frozen and open in case of detection of violations in the sample A.

WADA noted that the manufacturer checked the option to manually open the frozen container. Confirmation of this information in Berlinger not found. At the same time in the Swiss company said that are unable to open samples that were used by the user. Now, WADA has consulted with the company and anti-doping laboratory in Cologne to understand the situation.

In amidopirinom the Agency assured that “firmly intend to follow Berlinger up until the matter is resolved”.

Containers Bereg-Kit is already a question because of the investigation of cases of doping Russian athletes. Their results showed that in Russia, the containers were opened without leaving a trace. In Russia deny the facts of the autopsy and substitution of samples.

5 December 2017, the international Olympic Committee because of the systematic anti-doping rule violations barred from participating in the Olympics in 2018, the national Olympic Committee of the Russian Federation.