Photo: Defaults on foreign currency loans grow faster than the hryvnia

The share of problem loans with overdue payments is growing weekly, especially in banks with foreign capital.

The share of overdue consumer loans as of may 11, increased to 23.9% compared to 22% a week earlier and from 19.1% at the beginning of March. This is stated in the review of the National Bank of Ukraine, published on Thursday, may 21.

The share of consumer loans with overdue over weeks payments 4 through may 11, grew up in banks with foreign capital – by 6.2%, with private – 3.2%, with the state – 4.6%.

The share of foreign currency loans to small and medium-sized businesses, with more than a week overdue payments rose to 40.1 per cent compared with 30.7 percent on March 1. The share of overdue loans in national currency to small and medium business increased from 25.8% to 28.6%.

The volume of hryvnia loans to households and small and medium businesses in April and may reduced the volume of foreign currency loans is also decreasing, but since the beginning of the year.

As previously reported, the share of NPLs in the whole banking system in January-March rose 0.6% to 48.9%, mainly due to the depreciation of hryvnia to the dollar.

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