An-124-100 “Ruslan” – one of the most popular in the class of heavy transport aircraft

Photo: EPA

Antonov an-124-100 “Ruslan” Ukrainian aviakontserna “Antonov” delivered spare parts for the rockets of SpaceX in the US, breaking 3 613 km flight Report posted on the dedicated website Flightradar24.

Ukrainian freighter transported a part of the head fairing of the SpaceX rocket with a weight of 28.1 tons from the airport of Los Angeles in Titusville (Florida). The flight lasted four and a half hours.


Antonov received permission for an unscheduled flight at the U.S. Department of transportation. In the application of the Ukrainian aviakontserna it was noted that the delay in delivery of spare parts will lead to negative consequences, including financial losses, and affect the scheduled SpaceX launches rockets.

This is the third shipment that Antonov was commissioned by SpaceX.

SpaceX is an American company founded in 2002 by Elon Musk with the aim to reduce the cost of space flight and open the way for the colonization of Mars. The company has developed the launch vehicles Falcon 1 and Falcon 9, and Dragon spacecraft.

Cargo An-124-100 “Ruslan” is one of the most popular in the class of heavy transport aircraft.