Our professional great plays in the tournaments this year, earning almost every day. And his profit to the charity the marathon has exceeded $1,500,000

One of the best poker players in the world Ukrainian Roman Romanovsky continues to conquer new heights in your charity online marathon. Novel shock trouble in the last days of winter and topping up your bankroll more than $100,000.

28 Feb RomeOpro came just two final table tournaments high rollers. He took 2nd place in the tournament for $530 (winnings amounted to $17,000) and 3rd place in the High Roller Club Daily Warm-Up ($13,000 in prize money). While the biggest success of Romanov during the last days was the victory in the tournament Blade with buy-ins of $5,000. Along with the title he was given $87,000. Passes almost to our professional did not rise to the top of major online tournaments. However, he regularly maintains a blog where he talks about his results and answered numerous questions.

Now the total profit of Ukrainian within the framework of the marathon was already over $1,500,000. By the way, to win exactly the same amount for him was the final goal of the marathon, but it is possible that the novel will continue his campaign. Recall is 60% of your profit in poker tournaments Romanovsky gives to charity, setting a fine example to fellow poker players.

In General, the current year is for the Ukrainian very well. In January he took first place in the prestigious ranking of the players Poсket Fives and now leads the ranking for the current year, well ahead of the competition.

Way to go, Roman!

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