Optimeal – brand super-premium food for Pets. Since 2013 the company is constantly expanding its geographical presence – today the products Optimeal is represented in 19 countries around the world.

And recently, the brand has gained recognition at the international exhibition of products and accessories for Pets 2019 Zoomark (Italy).

In 2018-2019 Optimeal has been featured in many key Ukrainian and international specialized exhibitions: InterZoo (Germany), the international veterinary Congress in March 2018 (Ukraine), World Dog Show 2018 (Amsterdam), ЕuroDogShow 2018 (Warsaw), Global Pet Expo 2019 in the United States, etc. It is allowed to bring the brand to the world stage, to confirm the high quality of products and build a loyal network of partners in many countries. Participation in specialized events helps the brand to improve constantly watching trends and developing new technology in the industry.

Among the key achievements of the past year worth noting is the world’s largest trade show for the pet care Interzoo (Germany). In 2018, the exhibition brought together 39 thousand visitors from 126 countries and 66 countries. It was then Optimeal, the only representative of Ukraine in the field of food for animals, presented the new company – the line of Optimeal Privilege – nutrition for small and toy breed with a special recipe for lamb from New Zealand.

And at the biggest dog show World Dog Show 2018, the world’s best breeders noted the quality of rations, an innovative approach to creating recipes and production company. In 2018, the championship received a record number of participants-more than 33 500 dogs from 74 countries.

The company cares about the health of animals and supports initiatives aimed at the development of animal husbandry and veterinary culture in Ukraine. Optimeal participated in the XXII conference IVC Spring 2018 along with the veterinary experts from 10 countries. Among other local events that supported the brand, “Golden Pectoral 2018”, the championship of Central and Eastern Europe in 2018, “Crystal Cup of Ukraine 2018” etc.

2019 was no less active in March the brand was first introduced at the world exhibition in the industry of pet products, Global Pet Expo 2019 (USA). And the last achievement was the participation in the exhibition of products and accessories for Pets Zoomаrk in Italy (may 2019), which presented the main players of the global market for pet industry.



The exhibition exists since 1985 and during that time gained a reputation as a trusted benchmark for manufacturers of products for Pets. In 2019 in the exhibition took part 757 companies from 45 countries. The exhibition Optimeal introduced a different line of food for cats and dogs, paying special attention to the line of Optimeal Privilege and betternow diets.

The company believes that a brand is on par with leading manufacturers of pet food in the world. The evidence for this is the interest in the stands of the company among partners and pet owners at international exhibitions.

The company manufactures products in accordance with ISO 22000 standard developed by the International organization for standardization food safety for people using automated technologies and equipment from Germany, Denmark and France. This allows to guarantee high quality products.

The production technique has been used to add fresh meat. Select meat ingredients are salmon, Turkey, veal, shrimp is added in the form of meat or whole pieces. In the diets of a minimum of 35% fresh meat. To preserve the useful properties, preparation of dry ration takes place at a temperature not higher 127S. Fat is delivered to the inside of the granule so that to avoid contact with oxygen. So it is not oxidized and maintains the nutritional properties as long as possible.

The new trend is Bessarabia rations – has a number of advantages. They are more physiological (gluten-free), contain from 70 to 100% of protein of animal origin or whole shrimp in the wet diets. These properties of product allow to exclude negative influence on the digestive system and are a natural source of energy for the animal.



Products contains a unique immune complex Immunity Support Mix, which strengthens immunity and maintains the health of the animal. The system comprises a specially purified beta-glucan, prebiotic new generation of Actigen, a natural antioxidant SubStar ULTRA based on rosemary, omega 3 and 6, zinc, Biotin, proteins, vegetables, and herbs. Due to this, strengthens the immune system and animal health.

The quality of the products plays an important role, therefore, used in the production as ingredients from Ukraine and from the USA, Germany, France, Norway, Poland, New Zealand, etc. All rations received more than 95% of the accolades and recommended by the national Guild of veterinarians. The products were highly appreciated by influential international institutions, in particular the Netherlands Institute of animal nutrition (KENNEL DE MORGENSTOND).