Photo: Dmitry Pidruchny

Coach Juraj Sanitra took the collection of 11 biathletes.

Ukrainian athletes returned home after two charges and almost a month of preparation for next season. The last 17 days of the men’s national team prepare in Belarusian Raubichi.

Engaged in biathlon on roller skis, practiced skill in shooting, doing cross-walking.

“The gathering went well. Weather is allowed to fulfill the entire plan of work. Everyone in the team have training camp without injuries. Coaches, like, happy with the way we work. We now have 10 days short rest and then continue to prepare,” – said in comments NTU captain Dmitry Pidruchny.

“Everything is fine. All the young guys are laid out. I don’t think the coaches have any comments on them. We all work in a good atmosphere, friendly staff. We are 11 people, but everyone is working together,” said Brendan.

After a short rest the team go to the training camp in Austrian Obertilliach, and from there directly to the Czech Republic at the summer world Cup.

Earlier it was reported that in Kiev presented a new form of Ukrainian biathlon.

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