Export revenues from the supply of apples has dropped by 4.5 times

Falling exports in key export groups of Ukraine became the most important – is walnuts, frozen berries and fruit, fresh apples.

Ukraine since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus in February, has reduced the export of fruits and vegetables by 43%. Reported by the Ukrainian fruit and vegetable Association (UPOA), citing data from the project EastFruit Monday, July 20.

“For the period of the global pandemic coronavirus (February-June 2020) Ukrainian fruit and vegetable exports have fallen by 43% compared to the same period of the previous year. During this period, the revenues of Ukraine from the export of vegetables and fruits has declined to 58.5 million dollars. A year earlier during the same period, export revenues of the fruit and vegetable sector of Ukraine 101.3 million dollars”, – stated in the message.

For a specified period, a large part (64%) of export earnings provided three groups of products: walnuts, frozen berries and fruit, fresh apples. The company informed on these commodities accounted for 74% of all Ukrainian produce exports.

“The decline in exports in key export groups has become the most significant revenue from their exports dropped exactly in half relative to last year”, – analysts write.

In particular, export revenues from the supply of apples during the period of the pandemic reduced 4.5 times (26.6 million dollars), the price of apples was much higher than last year, moreover, the pandemic has increased the demand for apples. Experts explain this by the fact that the Apple harvest in Ukraine in 2019 was relatively low and domestic demand on the backdrop of the cold spring and the quarantine has only increased. Therefore, high prices in the domestic market and the shortage of apples made exports unprofitable.

Earnings of exporters from supplying walnut for February-June decreased by 36%, or $ 9.4 million. One of the main causes of the declining profitability of exports of nuts from Ukraine experts call the closure of China on quarantine in January 2020.

The export of frozen fruits and berries for the quarantine period was reduced by 10%, or $ 1.5 million.

“The main reason was the increased competition on the EU market from suppliers of frozen berries from North African countries: Egypt and Morocco. This has impacted on prices, but overall demand for frozen berries continued to remain high” – experts stress UPOA.

It is noted that during the period of the pandemic, Ukraine increased the export revenue from the sale of onions for 83%, or 3.1 million dollars.

Previously experts had forecast prices for watermelons in Ukraine. The price rose due to unfavorable weather conditions and protracted quarantine. Part of watermelons, farmers had to sow twice.

We will remind, this year the banana was the most available fruit in Ukraine. The main reason for this situation was a cold spring, which led to the loss of harvest of berries and fruits.


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