The Ukraine protest was heard in court in may 2017


London’s high court on July 13 dismissed the appeal of Ukraine on the recognition of British jurisdiction the decisions of International commercial arbitration at the suit of the Russian company “Tatneft”. About it July 17, reported the Ukrainian edition of enkorr.

The court upheld the verdict, which the Ukrainian authorities must pay Tatneft of $112 million in compensation. Protest Ukraine has seen since may of 2017. Similar trials are held in Russia and the USA, where Tatneft is trying to find Ukrainian assets for enforcement.

In 2007 Tatneft and associated with companies owned about 26% of actions “Ukrtatnafta”, however, after a series of court decisions, they were sold to firms that are associated with the Privat group of billionaire Igor Kolomoisky.

Tatneft demanded from Ukraine to return to the former leadership “Ukrtatnafta” and to pay compensation in the amount of $2.4 billion In July 2014 the court of arbitration in Paris ruled in favor of Russian companies, but lowered the compensation to $112 million