From time to time current events inevitably return to the idea that either is the act of a global absurdity, or simply fail to see some subtle but crucial element of the great game. Moreover, this item has a systemic character, as played on both local and global levels.

Take the situation in Ukraine. Last year’s elections turned out to be some desperate surrealism because even setting aside the fact that this is the first time in its history we have a President with a clearly Pro-Ukrainian program, not malorossky of a traitor, and where – not just Pro-Ukrainian, and very active, we had a real President. Let works the pendulum effect and in some strange way he has swung away from “Pro-Ukrainians”, but where? The fact that Ukraine received in return, simply defies rational understanding. Nonetheless – voted for it and now have yourself the fact that they have chosen us. Because the piano is not the most interesting.

From Superbike broadcast that our current (there is also) the power, in the majority of its composition, should stand on the account at the psychiatrist. Moreover, some commentators say that even it is easy to calculate through whom there is “refill”. This means that the pendulum does not just swing in the other direction, and did a wonderful pirouette.

But Ukraine is a young country and bound to fill your cones, make their own conclusions, because the story and someone else’s example in such cases does not teach anything. But here in the US it should be any different. There is a well-established democratic tradition must somehow work, and the population there is not beaten shovel, as we do, but the power was the same.

Now here are a few quotes not even from the us and from Russian press to show the bottom where the lobsters are found. In the truest sense of the word, we are talking about crustaceans, which became the catalyst for foreign policy battles.

The United States to impose customs duties on cars imported from the EU, as well as a number of items of China if Brussels and Beijing will cancel customs duties on American lobster. This was stated on Friday during the visit of the U.S. state of Maine, famous for its lobster, the US President Donald trump“.

Here it should be noted that against the background of recent tumultuous events the rating of the current President of the US is alarmingly shaken. Whether it’s a year or two ago, then it would be possible not to pay attention, but 2020 is an election year and because Trump must win, so he went to Maine to catch up with my rating. Well, in order to achieve the shortest possible path, you have something to say that will be appreciated in the here and now and that is why he is pushing such a speech.

If the European Union will not immediately reverse this fee, we will introduce duties on their vehicles, which would be the equivalent. It will be a “plus equivalent”, if not abolished duties on lobster from Maine delivered to China”. And virtual addressing Europeans and Chinese added: “We will also charge you the money appropriately, with something that you sell to us, and that you are very valuable“.

Listening to it, involuntarily the question arises as to deliver you from the States to China and Europe snails, for example? And how is it going? Maybe there is also something I have to correct and impose duties? Little to him that he has brewed, so now also lobsters.

In General, somewhere piano somewhere exsorcist and wizards, where a lobster… the impression that now the process is very similar to how sometimes parents wean their lazy from Smoking or alcohol, do not take away all of it, but on the contrary, forced to drink and smoke to such an extent that turned inside out from too much. The method of rigid, but in certain situations it is very effective. Checked.

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