Import of goods from Russia in the first four months of this year increased by 31%

From Russia Ukraine mainly imports fuels. Photo: pixabay

In January-April 2018 year, Ukraine imported from Russia goods worth more of 2.56 billion dollars. According to the latest data of the State statistics service, imports of goods from Russia to Ukraine for the period from January to April this year rose by 31% compared to the same period in 2017.

Experts believe that the first place in import of Russia has provided the energy that Ukraine massively buys there.

“We mainly import from Russia is energy. If we replaced them and imported from Europe, imported to us gas from nearby countries – Poland, Slovakia – now it is not, we are all more traditionally, energy purchase in the same place and always, therefore, the import from Russia increased”, – says Alexey Doroshenko, General Director of Ukrainian Association of Directors of commercial networks

And really, if you look at the data of the state statistics, it is combustible materials occupy a large part of imports from Russia – $ 1.3 billion. Far below the located mineral fertilizers – 158 million. and are followed by ferrous metals – 124 million dollars.

“We have not increased exports to Russia, on the contrary it fell, but imports grew. He grew up in several key positions –a coal, not energy coal, and coking coal. The second point is the growth of import of mineral fertilizers and the increase of petroleum products. These are the products that formed the lion’s share of growth of import from Russia”, – confirms this situation an economic expert Boris Kushniruk.

He also adds that we objectively quite some time will depend on Russia for some items, one of which is coal for metallurgy. The fact that we can try to purchase coal in other countries, but then there is an issue with transportation because the ports will not be able to make such amount of coal which is necessary for the normal functioning of our industry.

For more information on what goods Ukraine buys in Russia, read the material of the website “Today”: Trade with Russia: that Ukraine buys and what couldn’t stop.

Recall earlier we wrote about the fact that Ukraine continues to increase the export of services.

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