The amount of natural gas in underground storage fell below 13 billion cubic meters

Author photo: Gregory Szalai, “Today”

In the underground gas storages (UGS) of Ukraine as of 12 January was of 12.82 billion cubic meters of gas. This is illustrated by the operator of the Ukrainian gas transportation system, the state-owned company “Ukrtransgas”.

Thus, the Ukrainian UGS filled already by 41.4%

For the last reporting day of gas in the Ukrainian underground gas storage the gas was re-injected. However, from storage it was selected 94 million cubic meters of gas.

In the Ukraine, the day came of 6.78 million cubic meters of gas from Slovakia and 2.5 million cubic meters, from Hungary – 2.99 million cubic meters from Poland – of 1.29 million cubic meters of Own gas production at 58.4 million cubic meters of gas.

Earlier, in comments to the website “Today”, the economist estimated the chances of a new gas blackmail by Russia, and explained that there will be enough Ukraine blue fuel for the winter. The expert is sure that in the event of significant cost overruns blue fuel due to weather conditions, Ukraine will be able to increase gas supplies from Europe.