Russia uses a number of measures against Ukraine and the rest of the world that aim to achieve foreign policy goals without the use of weapons.

About this in his blog said the Deputy Minister on the issues of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons, the George Tooke, calling three way pressure of Russian propaganda.

One of the methods of the so-called “soft power” in the “struggle for the minds and hearts” the Kremlin is using the culture.

Novostimoscow firmly rebuffed Russian propagandist in the EU. Video

“With the culture of the population of any country formed a certain image. A simple example of how this works everywhere. Let’s say all the familiar fun image of Winnie the Pooh. This clumsy bear can only lead to compassion or sympathy, but not wary. But the prototype of Winnie the Pooh is a bear, one of the most dangerous predators in the wild,” – said the official.

Tuck also noted that the sport also became a propaganda tool of Russia, which has been used since the times of the USSR.

“International sports competitions in Soviet times was considered by advocates as a clash of two opposing systems — socialist and capitalist. An illustrative example of the Moscow Olympics in 1980. The symbol of this Olympic games, was elected the bear as a friendly image of the Russian world, while the Soviet troops began their invasion of Afghanistan”, – he explained.

Russian propaganda


The Deputy Minister also highlighted religionas a method of pressure by the Russian authorities.

“The Russian Orthodox Church is present in many countries of the world, and its priests have always been used in Ukraine as the mouthpiece of the “Russian world”. They always sang songs about single people, about brotherhood and spiritual unity. Always promoted and defended the ideas of the Kremlin. Numerous processions organized by the ROC, was always accompanied by slogans: “NATO – no”, “Down with America” and “long live Russia”. Since the beginning of the war in the East recorded not isolated cases, as the priests of the Russian Orthodox Church blessed the killing of the defenders of Ukraine terrorists of the so-called “L/DNR,” – said the fat.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Georgy Tuka said that the Ukrainian authorities listen to the ultimate form of communication, practiced by the Kremlin.

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