The people’s Deputy Vadim Novinsky said about the imperfection “formula Steinmeier” to establish peace in the Donbas and suggested during a meeting in Normandy format to develop and adopt a document that would be binding on all parties to the conflict.

He wrote about this in his article for the publication “Facts”. He stressed the frequent attempts to disrupt Minsk process, the pressure of the “street” in the decision-making processes, attempts of political revenge “hawks”.The politician said that “the formula Steinmeier” does not give answers to many difficult questions and is just an attempt to “collective West” to create the appearance of solving problems but not to solve it at the root.

The MP proposed during a meeting in Normandy format to develop and adopt a document that would be binding on all parties to the conflict.

Vadim Novinsky

“I believe that in the near future the channel group (if the summit will not be disrupted by a group of political “hawks”, to which — alas! — there are prerequisites) should go to specific document agreement, the plan, whatever — which would be the mutual guarantee for the fulfillment of its commitments on the cessation of hostilities, restoration of the state border of Ukraine and assist Ukraine in overcoming the consequences of war. Important: this needs to be a document binding. You need to agree on the mechanism of control over its execution, the mechanism by which the parties to the conflict and an enforcement mechanism for its realization”, – wrote Novinsky.

He also proposed to shift the focus in the negotiation process in Minsk to create the inter-parliamentary group of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the State Duma of the Russian Federation and Plenipotentiaries of the OSCE, with possible participation with a deliberative vote of the representatives of the “people’s Assembly” of the breakaway republics. A number of steps to bring about peace requires the adoption of urgent legislative acts, and the creation of such a group can speed up and facilitate the process of harmonization of legislation.

In his opinion, the “Formula of peace” consists of three components: Humanity – Dialogue – Unity. Policy proposed measures to restore a common cultural space in Ukraine, while offering to abandon “accelerated Ukrainization, specific imposition of the the history of regional (Galician) bias, persecution of canonical Orthodoxy.”

Novinsky noted that an important role in this process is the media, which played a very positive role in the process of deepening divisions in the country. It offers the media a “data reversal” with the aim of creating a ground for reconciliation of Ukrainian citizens.

Novinsky also proposed the establishment of the Cabinet of Ministers, Vice-Prime Minister for reintegration of Donbass – for coordination of actions of ministries and the simplification of many bureaucratic procedures in the Executive branch.

Politician calls for revival of dialogue at the level of ordinary citizens, businesses, the lifting of the economic blockade and transport.

“We need a phased expansion of the list of goods permitted for trade, the ordering of calculations (possibly through the creation of temporary accounting and Finance centers), the establishment of trade and stock markets at the interregional level. Need an immediate lifting of the economic blockade of Donbass, which has already led to enormous economic losses. Reconstruction of economic relationships will require significant time and effort — because of the policy of “military populism” of the previous leadership of the country,” wrote Novinsky.

The MP stressed that radicals have no place in the process of peaceful restoration of the Donbass. Donbass is not waiting for the leaders of the radical movements and parties, exactly the same as in Ukraine will not be the leaders of the separatists. That is why, in his opinion, it is necessary today to create a “world team” for Donbass, which will take on the revival of the economy and political relations.

Novinsky believes that a transition period is necessary to secure the elections in the Donbass on a majority basis (in this region there is no Ukrainian political parties). Moreover, it provides for the establishment of a permanent Forum on Donbass as an important platform for discussion and solution of urgent issues arising in the process of reintegration.

The revival of Donbass, according to Novinsky, should become the common cause of all Ukrainians, an example of “collegiality” in its original meaning.

“Each region, each city could be program participants assist in the restoration of the territories taken under the auspices of individual settlements and social facilities. Associations of local authorities should be the initiators and coordinators of this work. Builders and medical doctors, transport workers and workers of housing and communal services with the support of local budgets will be a real Ukrainian humanitarian mission. This is for the Donbass dozens of times more important and more necessary than the support of international funds. Because it is help and support from their fellow countrymen, the revival of vital bonds between people.

The revival of Donbass can become a common cause and for the wider business community. After all, the revival of the economy of the region is the new markets and opportunities, new projects and contracts. But after the war and single-handedly difficult to start such projects. Another thing — join efforts to agree on common programmes. Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs, chamber of Commerce, agricultural and business associations is another participant in the peacekeeping process. New and demand-driven agricultural Alliance of different unions and associations, is yet another practical step towards a new catholicity. After the diplomats and politicians, the business may become a new peacekeeping force,” said Novinsky.

His peace plan consists of three main stages and a number of steps that need to be completed in the near future. Thus Novinsky believes that to this world we will go long.

“You must understand that the final peace will come to our land soon. The world does not occur right after the ink dries on signed peace treaties. The world is a long process, and in many countries to achieve it are very long. Because the war is not just mutual hatred and resentment. This is a human tragedy, grief, deprivation, loss of loved ones. But our task is to do everything for this process to go as quickly as possible. And that means we need to work on restoring trust. The trust is the cement, which should strengthen our country and lay a solid Foundation for our further development”, – said the MP.

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