Trump was going to use the army against protesters

Photo: EPA

The President of the United States Donald trump at one of the meetings with advisers said would accommodate up to 10 thousand soldiers in Washington (DC). On 7 June Reuters reported, citing senior us official.

The military, in accordance with the plan, trump was supposed to participate in law enforcement in connection with mass civil protests that erupted in the US after the murder by police of an African-American George Floyd. Thus, according to the Agency, the President was close to fulfilling his threat on the deployment of regular troops to quell the unrest, despite the opposition of the Pentagon.

The source said that, except the Minister of defense Mark Esper, against the redeployment of the military was made Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, General mark Milly and attorney General William Barr.

On the basis of further developments, Reuters concludes that the police were satisfied with the location of the Washington National guard, which is “a more traditional tool to overcome the internal crises.”

The White house Agency did not respond to a request for comment.

On the eve it became known that the Pentagon chief ordered to withdraw from the capital of all military (in Washington, was stationed 1600 paratroopers and military police for the protection of the Federal authorities).

African American George Floyd died on may 25 after a tough police detention. Forensic examination confirmed that the death was caused by strangulation (a police officer with his knee pinned Floyd to the asphalt, becoming on his neck).

The destruction of the man triggered massive protests (often accompanied by riots and acts of vandalism), first in Minneapolis and later in other American cities and other countries.

In clashes in nine States, killed 11 people, including both police and demonstrators.

Four employees of police of Minneapolis, who participated in the arrest of Floyd, was charged.