A statement trump has not found understanding in Hong Kong

Photo: EPA

The US President Donald trump said that the special trade and customs privileges for Hong Kong will be withdrawn and local officials and officials of mainland China is subject to sanctions if Beijing tries to adopt a new law on security relating to former British colonies. About this trump told reporters in Washington on may 29, a briefing was broadcasted on Twitter the White house.

He also announced that he will abolish the privileged status of Hong Kong as a separate territory for visa-free entry.

According to him, actions against persons who “directly or indirectly responsible for undermining the autonomy of Hong Kong” will start immediately after adoption of the law.

“China has replaced the promised formula of “one country, two systems” formula of “one country, one system”, – said trump, accusing China in violation of its Treaty obligations to the Kingdom. Declaration on the status of Hong Kong of 1984 should act another 27 years, said the President of the United States.

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— The White House (@WhiteHouse) May 29, 2020

In Hong Kong, has denied claims by trump that special adminrayon loses its autonomy. The attempt to prevent the adoption of the law on national security of China would be interpreted as interference in the internal Affairs of China, said may 30 the Minister of justice of Hong Kong Teresa Cheng. She cites the information portal of the Hong Kong government.

“People often forget that the special administrative region of Hong Kong is part of China, we are one country. Without “one country” there is no reason to talk about “two systems”. Consequently, the question of national security, as in any other country in the world, unitary or Federal, is in the competence of the Central authorities,” said Chen.

On may 28, the all-China Assembly of people’s representatives approved a resolution on the preparation and adoption of the law on national security. This document will give Beijing more powers to combat separatism, Subversion, terrorism and conspiring with foreign influence on autonomy. U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that the adoption of such a law deprives Hong Kong’s autonomy and political system will evolve according to the model of the PRC.