A trade war between the US and China is gaining momentum. After the mirror of Beijing on the deployment of 25 percent of duties Washington threatened new measures in an even greater amount.

Photo: Reuters

The President of the United States Donald trump threatened to impose a new duty of 10% on Chinese goods worth $ 200 billion, reports Reuters, citing a statement by the American President.

Trumpkin said that he had asked US trade representative to determine the list of Chinese goods in respect of which may introduce new fees. According to the American President, this step is a response to China’s decision to raise duties on American goods by $ 50 billion.

“Once the legislative process is completed, these duties will come into force, if China refuses to change their actions, or if he will insist on the promotion of new duties, which he recently announced,” said trump . If China will again increase their fees in response to the latest US move, “we will respond to this action by the introduction of additional duties on goods of another $ 200 billion,” he promised.

Several hours later, after verbal threats to Beijing again promised to meet the mirror. “If the US will go crazy and will publish such list, China will have to adopt a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative measures and to inflict a decisive retaliatory blow,” the statement quoted the Chinese Ministry of Bloomberg.

June 15 trump announced the introduction of a fee of 25% on Chinese goods. They will take effect from 6 July. Under the new rates, were more than 1.1 thousand goods worth $ 50 billion. the decision of the President of the United States explained that China conducts its trade is unfair and steals American technology.

Beijing, in response, decided to meet the mirror, setting a 25% duty on us goods for the same amount. List of goods 659, 545 of them the increased fee will be imposed from July 6, for the remaining term of input taxes not yet determined. Increased duties will affect, in particular,
agricultural products, seafood, automobiles, medical equipment and certain products of the chemical industry.