The President of the United States Donald trump lashed out at China for obstructing his efforts to improve relations with North Korea. A series of tweets attacking Beijing was published amid mounting criticism over progress on the issue of nuclear disarmament of the DPRK.

Photo: Flickr / The White House

The American leader also suggested that the United States may not be worth it to spend money on joint military exercises with South Korea, however, if they are renewed, they will be grander than ever.

In June, after a breakthrough in talks with North Korea, the United States has called for the suspension of military exercises, which traditionally cause fury in Pyongyang.

However, a few days ago the head of the us defense Ministry reported that joint exercises may be resumed .

The debate about the military exercises intensified to the extent that, as more and more observers draw attention to the fact that Pyongyang is not particularly in a hurry to dismantle its missile and nuclear facilities, as agreed at the historic meeting Donald trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN in June.

President trump in their tweets, it seems that fully lays the blame for these problems on China. But at the same time, it speaks highly of their personal relations with the leaders of North Korea and China.

This complex mixture of criticism, praise and veiled threats were made against a background of increasing pressure on Washington, which demonstrate the unprecedented results of the June negotiations.

Immediately after the summit, Donald trump announced that North Korea no longer comes to the nuclear threat.

A few days ago, Washington has canceled a trip to North Korea, Secretary Mike Pompeo — the President is motivated by the lack of progress in dismantling the North Korean nuclear program.

How guilty is China?

In his comments on Twitter, Donald trump writes that North Korea is under enormous pressure from China, due to the large U.S. trade dispute with the Chinese government.

Beijing is the only significant ally of Pyongyang, and is believed to have a significant effect on their decisions. Beijing also acts in the long term, the most powerful strategic rival of the United States in the region.

Tensions between the US and China on the issue of trafficking is steadily increasing, both countries imposed import duties on goods to each other.


President Donald J. Trump feels strongly that North Korea is under tremendous pressure from China because of our major trade disputes with the Chinese Government. At the same time, we also know that China is providing North Korea with…

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 29, 2018

Donald trump complained at the size of US trade deficit with China and other unfair, in the opinion of Washington, trade practices.

Despite sharp expressions, the latest in a series of tweets, trump ends on an optimistic note: according to him, the trading dispute may be resolved by himself and the “great President XI Jinping”.

How are you doing with denuclearization?

After the June summit, North Korea conducted missile launches, she also announced the dismantling of the polygon for nuclear tests, and returned to the U.S. the remains of American soldiers killed during the Korean war 1950-53.

However, the American leader was reprimanded Pyongyang for lack, in his view, the progress made towards their wider agreement on denuclearization.

After the UN published a report stating that North Korea continues to develop its nuclear program, the United States urged the international community not to lift sanctions and continue to exert economic pressure on Pyongyang.

In his current series of tweets, the President of the United States has accused Beijing of providing tangible aid to North Korea, suggesting that China thus facilitates its ally the burden of international sanctions.

“This is not good!” — written by Donald trump.

Whether to resume military exercises?

The joint maneuvers, which are regularly conducted by Washington and Seoul, as regularly cause a surge of indignation in Pyongyang.

After the June summit, trump has agreed to cancel these teachings, what was perceived as a goodwill gesture to Kim Jong-UN.

In his recent tweets, the President insists that his personal relationship with Kim are very nice and warm, and that to resume war games with the South is not necessary.

However, he adds, if they do resume they will be more grandiose than ever before.

According to Donald Trump, the June summit allowed the North Korean nuclear problemette: Reuters

Trump’s tweets, apparently in contradiction with the statements of his defense Minister, who said on Tuesday that the suspension of some joint military exercises have been done and that plans for further suspending no.

Since the end of the Korean war, in which Washington along with Seoul fought against the army of the North, American troops on a permanent basis located in South Korea.

According to the agreement signed at the end of the war, in the South of the Peninsula deployed 29 thousand U.S. troops.