The US President Donald trump said that Vladimir Putin as the Russian leader personally responsible for attributed to RF interference in the American presidential election of 2016. The head of the White house has expressed in an interview with CBS, an excerpt from which is distributed in the environment.

Photo: Reuters

Trump was asked a direct question, whether he thinks that Putin is personally responsible for the intervention. “Well, would consider, because it is responsible for [his] country. Exactly the same as feel responsible for what is happening in this country [USA]. So, definitely, you should as leader of the country to consider him responsible, Yes,” replied trump.

After that, the host also asked the President of the United States that it is for this reason he told Putin during their meeting face to face in Helsinki. “[I was] very persuasive, in terms of what we can’t tolerate interference, we can’t let [happen] something like that . I gave him [the Russian President] to understand that we can’t let that happen, and it is true”, — said the head of the White house.

Trump also said he did not want to delve into the truthfulness of the words of Putin that Russia had not intervened in the American elections, because it is enough data provided by intelligence.