Palazhchenko: She brilliantly carries his burden

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Member of “the Gorbachev Foundation”, the diplomat, and perennial personal interpreter for former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev Pavel Palazhchenko in the program author founder of the Internet edition “GORDON” Dmitry Gordon told about the personal meeting of Gorbachev with Queen Elizabeth II in 1989.

“Then she was 30 years younger. Not that sorry for her now, but… some old lady is. And then… They’re preparing for such conversations. It says nothing that would not be approved by the Prime Minister. Did you know? Everything is painted,” said Palazhchenko.

The diplomat explained that the British Queen did not visit the Soviet Union because of the history with the massacre by the Bolsheviks of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II and members of his family (the Romanovs were relatives of the British monarchs).

“Never had the Queen’s visit in our country… there was an agreement – in advance, through diplomatic channels, that Gorbachev would invite her and that she will not reject. It was a very interesting point. And before that was the visits of our leaders in the UK, but it was agreed not to invite, not to raise this question, because the Queen could not accept such an invitation. There was an agreement that she will not say that he accepts the invitation, but you will not say: “I can’t come.” It was the first step,” said Palazhchenko.

He called the Royal family of great Britain Verdi.

“She [the Queen] has a wonderful experience. Have to admire this man. But when she reads her annual speech in Parliament, her to the last comma says the Prime Minister’s office. She says what you’re supposed to say,” – said Gorbachev’s interpreter.

He added that Queen Elizabeth II “brilliantly carries his burden”.

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Elizabeth II ascended the throne on 6 February 1952 at the age of 25 years after the death of his father, king George VI. She is a leader among all British monarchs by age and length of stay on the throne.

The Queen of England came to Russia only in 1994.

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