16-year-old girl was killed and two family members in the hospital

Photo: kyivobl.dsns.gov.ua

In the Chernigov area carbon monoxide poisoned the whole family: 16-year-old girl was killed and her mother and grandmother went to the hospital.

This was reported in the state service for emergency situations.

The message about the tragedy was received by rescue 15 Jan at 00:49 by teams of doctors: according to them, in the village of Trehsvyatskoe settlement occurred from carbon monoxide poisoning.

To a scene there arrived the office group rescue works rescue squad of special purpose, two emergency crews PJSC “Chernigovgaz” and the investigative team of the Chernihiv regional Department of the police.

On preliminary conclusions of experts, the cause of poisoning was violation of furnace operation, in particular, premature closure of the chimney flap.

At the scene was found the body of a girl born in 2001, who died on the spot while her mother and grandmother, 1935 and 1972 years of birth with a diagnosis of “carbon monoxide poisoning” was taken to intensive care Chernigiv Central regional hospital.