In a Network there was video of consequences of a tornado passed in the us States of Alabama and Georgia. According to recent reports, the death toll was 23 people, according to RBC.

Photo: @DDNewsLive/Twitter

Channel News 19 WLTX released footage from a Lee County, Alabama, where destruction from a tornado have become the biggest. On the record seen dozens of fallen trees, partially or completely destroyed homes, and damaged vehicles. In addition, the footage can be seen of the rescue team, involved in liquidation of consequences of tornado and finding people who can be under blockages of buildings.

Also, it is seen crashed on a highway metal construction that partially blocked the movement of vehicles. Also the footage can be seen severely affected by the disaster a gas station and shops .

Photo: @PaulKadak/Twitter

Photo: @scottfillmer/Twitter

Photo: @scottfillmer/Twitter

As reported by NBC News, in addition to the tornadoes in Alabama and Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi affected by flooding — flooded with more than 20 roads. It is also reported about heavy snowfall that hit Missouri. According to the channel, the cyclone is moving North-East. Power Philadelphia, new York and Boston began to prepare for the coming disaster.

The Missouri River in Great Falls Montana right now.

— Big Tex (@goose2448) March 1, 2019.

According to the latest reports, the tornado in Alabama killed at least 23 people, among them there are children, reports Reuters. The Lee County coroner bill Harris said that the death toll could rise.

In the hospital in Opelika, Alabama, according to the Agency, there are more than 40 victims. Without electricity in Alabama and Georgia left 21 thousand people.

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