Shipulin, who won the gold medal in Sochi, is not in the list of participants of the Olympiad 2018

Photo: EPA

In the list of Russian athletes, the international Olympic Committee (IOC) has granted the Olympic Committee of Russia (OKR), was not leading biathlete Anton Shipulin and the best skier Sergey Ustyugov. This was announced by first Vice-President OKR Stanislav Pozdnyakov, who was quoted by the website of the Committee.

According to the functionary, Shipulin and Ustyugov as a six-time Olympic champion in short track Viktor Antonov, was not implicated in doping scandals.

“All of the many put them in career samples indicate that they are pure athletes. However, their names are in the list of potential participants of the Games at the moment, no,” – said Pozdnyakov.

He advised to send to the IOC an official letter with a request for “specific reasons” for refusing entry to the Olympics by leading Russian athletes.

“The IOC has the exclusive right to invite or not to invite certain athletes. However, these reasons must be justified and explained to the athletes,” – said Pozdnyakov.

He noted that the decision of the IOC preliminary.

30-year-old Shipulin – the Olympic champion of the 2014 Olympics in the relay, the winner of the world Championships.

25-year-old Ustyugov – two-time world champion.

In November 2015, WADA has published a report which accused the Russian Federation in government support of doping. The report noted that Russian special services were covered systematic doping Russian athletes, admits the “direct intimidation and interference” in the work of the WADA-accredited anti-doping laboratory in Moscow.

Because of the doping scandal, the national team of Russia on athletics was removed from the Olympic games in 2016. Also the Russian team at full strength is not allowed to the summer Paralympics.

5 Dec, IOC because of the systematic anti-doping rule violations barred from participating in the 2018 Olympics, the national Olympic Committee of the Russian Federation. The IOC Executive Board also suspended for life from any involvement in the Olympics and former sports Minister Vitaly Mutko and his former Deputy Yury Nagornykh.

January 19, the press service of the IOC said that the preliminary list of Russian athletes who can compete at the winter Olympics in South Korea’s Pyeongchang, was reduced from 500 to 389 people.