The most common scheme of fraud on Black Friday

In Ukraine large-scale Black Friday will be the fifth time. Sin international trading platform and small shops to earn, in the material Корреспондент.net.

In many countries, including in Ukraine, November 23, will be held on Black Friday. On this day, many merchants offer very favorable prices on purchases and services.

Black Friday Global conducted a survey among Ukrainians. His data showed that about 88% of the respondents know about black Friday and the third of them is going to take advantage of discounts on this day.

But not all sellers are really ready to reduce prices. So they come up with a clever scheme, the purpose of which – to deceive the buyer. leads-the top 5 scams on Black Friday.

Scheme No1. First raise, then lower

YouControl experts have identified the most common scheme of cheating during the world sales. They are not illegal, but essentially deceiving the buyer.

One of the most common schemes, which is used not only on Black Friday – not a real price reduction.

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The point is that on the eve of the sale, the store raises the price of the goods. The fact that yesterday was 100 UAH, today is 130 UAH, and on Black Friday will cost the same hundred hryvnia, or more. If the buyer did not pay attention to the price of the product for a month-a week before the sale, he can not know about the fraud. This scheme is seen even on such a big platform like Amazon.

Scheme No2. The substitution of “bait”

The shops attract customers a good offer. For example, cheap winter jacket for a child. When the buyer “fell” for the bait and came into the store, he said that this item is already sold out.

Then the seller starts to comfort you and to offer similar products. Very often even “better” ones you wanted to buy, but they are more expensive. Here works a psychological thing – you already in the mood to buy something, mentally spent the money, and you say that you can’t do that. And replace the object of your desire.

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In such cases, you need to try to maintain composure and remember that it’s a Scam. Besides, men are generally more rational approach to buying. You can consult with her husband, brother, father or friend.

Scheme No3. In the morning money – in the evening chairs

Large companies often offer customers pre-order goods at a reduced price. So they understand what is the demand for the product, provide its required number. In addition, the goods at the lowest price snapping faster and companies need assurances. Therefore, it often takes the advance on pre-order. Basically it’s 10-15% of the value of the goods.

During Black Friday the buyers have a certain euphoria, excitement, and lure him to a good discount even on a prepaid basis becomes easier. And if next to the item, a countdown clock to the end of the promotion, the chance to get money before the product even increase.

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But there is a risk that after the payment of the cost of goods, you won’t get it at all. Therefore it is necessary to give preference to options with cash on delivery.

Scheme No4. Legal reception

Another very common scheme, which is used always – important fine print. During the euphoria of shopping on Black Friday, this is perfect deception.

Important information about shipping, exchange, guarantee on the product, the duration of the promotion or the discount is signed in the corner in small print. The calculation solely on the carelessness. So explore the product page and site on the presence of such hidden terms, read the rules of the resource and specific продавцf before buying the product.

Scheme No5. Cyberware and viruses

On Black Friday many are chasing discounts, losing vigilance. And others create CyberSource for the first. Online scammers can send emails with great offers in the mail, or SMS, or create entire websites “by the low prices.”

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So you can get a virus that will steal your passwords and payment card details. Or call best offer, and there are incoming calls now cost 100 UAH per minute. Or to get on the “colon” is known of the site and to transfer money to the fraudsters.

Do not open spam or suspicious emails, especially if you are not subscribed to the company newsletter. Note the creation date of the website (often at the bottom of the page is shown the year of establishment). Read reviews about the website or seller who want to buy a product.

In 2017, Ukraine became one of the most generous discounts on Black Friday. The savings amounted to about 66%, which is 11% higher than the world average. It proves advantageous to skimp 23.11 possible, but you need to be especially careful not to fall victim to fraudulent schemes.

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