Oksana Zabuzhko has accused Ukrainian businessmen who work abroad, in the “Soviet” way of thinking.

This opinion was expressed in interview to “5 channel”. The host asked what to do with the business that cease to work in Ukraine because of the difficult conditions.

“That is the scoop! The deep faith of the young, apparently educated people that need to pack up and somewhere to run. It is the inertia of generations of Stalin’s, Brezhnev’s, that’s what you like closed country, where three generations of a prestige class was one who was “away”, – said Zabuzhko.

Oksana Zabuzhko

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She added that the “inertia of the Gulag” as soon as the border opened, “all ran”. The children of these people, in the opinion of the writer, “still not understood”, you need not wait, “and do around him.”

We will remind, in the same interview, the Ukrainian said that “Russians we do not stop”, and urged them to unite. She also said that ORDA need to “quarantine”.

As he wrote OBOZREVATEL earlier Oksana Zabuzhko warned that if Russia will be able to absorb all of Ukraine, it will lead to the destruction of the Ukrainian people. After the war, she said, the aggressor is for the human resources necessary for their survival.

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