206 years since the birth of national genius and the spiritual father of the Ukrainian Taras Shevchenko falls on March 9, 2020. The poet was left as the inheritance of more than 240 works of poetry, and about 1200 different patterns.

As the life and works of Taras Shevchenko and how his legacy is valued now in Ukraine – in the material OBOZREVATEL.

A Self-Portrait Of Taras Shevchenko


Biography Of Taras Shevchenko

Taras Grigorievich Shevchenko was born March 9, 1814 in the village Moryntsi, Cherkasy region. The diploma he studied slaving away at DEAC-teachers, and clerks-artists, in turn, Shevchenko studied the basics of drawing.

When Shevchenko was 24 years old, the artist Karl Briullov and the poet Vasily Zhukovsky bought him from serfdom 45 pounds of silver. He soon became a student of the Academy of arts and simultaneously studied at Leningrad.

Back in Ukraine Shevchenko in 1844. In Kiev, he joined the Cyril and Methodius society. Due to his political positions Shevchenko three years later he was arrested and sent into exile, and Tsar Nicholas I as his personal decree forbade him to write and draw.

Taras Shevchenko

In 1857 Shevchenko was released from exile – he had to first live in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but two years later, the poet was able to return home. Taras Shevchenko died on March 10, 1861. He was buried in St. Petersburg, but in the same year was reburied plot on the Chernecha mountain near Kaniv.

The Legacy Of The Poet

Taras Shevchenko is a classic of Ukrainian poetry. His book “Kobzar”, the poem “Haydamaky” and the poetic cycle “Three years” known throughout the world. While Shevchenko actively opposed the oppression of the Ukrainian people by the Russian Empire – it is because of this he was sent into exile, which cost him not only career but also health.

We should not forget that Shevchenko is a famous Ukrainian artists. From under his hand left more than a thousand different works of art.

In modern times, Shevchenko became one of the main symbols of the Ukrainian revolution first, and then the resistance against Russian aggression. His poems quoted activists on the barricades of Euromaidan and Ukrainian soldiers in the Donbass, his portraits adorned the shields of the revolution of Dignity and the armor APU.

Modernized Shevchenko

The mirror of the week

Reading the memory of Taras Shevchenko

The name of Taras Shevchenko named a lot of towns, streets, schools and other organizations of Ukraine. In Kyiv alone, there are four streets Shevchenko and Taras Shevchenko Boulevard. Almost every Ukrainian city has a monument to Shevchenko.

Shevchenko monument

In literature every year to “Shevchenko prize” (national prize of Ukraine Taras Shevchenko), a number of grants and scholarships named after Taras Shevchenko. The poet is depicted on the banknote denominations of one hundred hryvnia, and several commemorative coins.

Every year on the birthday of Taras Shevchenko throughout Ukraine are public events, open lessons and exhibitions in schools and universities. Tradition is the laying flowers at the monument to Shevchenko.

OBOZREVATEL earlier told how Ukrainian scientists raised portrait of Shevchenko, which is visible even from space.

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